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Life……oh life!

Life is rich in its own blessings,Each part of life has its own products to be harvested in its own morsel of growth.

Life is about the ‘goods’ and the ‘bads’,

Life is about being happy or sad;

Life is about ‘ups’ & ‘downs’,

Life can make you a clown.

See, this life that you are living is borrowed

This shows that you are not promised of tomorrow;

“This life I’ve come to live is not mine

So, its my time to shine”;

Life is not a bed of roses,

Remember what happened to Moses;

Some elder people will say “I do not enjoy life anymore.” Ask them how they spent their lives when hey were some years younger. Some other elders will say they enjoy their lives, ask them the same question. The problem here is that the first set of elders are well aware of the challenges of this same life, but they are afraid to face it.

When times are bad, they will say things are not right,

When times are good tell them “don’t lose sight”;

Cos when times are good, they stay to enjoy,

Then when times are bad, why can’t they endure?

Well, one thing I have to say is that the best and easiest way o enjoy life is to spend it in

a wa that will outlast it.




Life is about the ‘ups’ and ‘down’