If there’s something you have in you that you can’t see,
As time goes by, it’ll flee like a fish in the sea;
You have a thing or two that you have been called for
That if you don’t give attention to will be “un-called for”.
You are a man and there is a date
That’s why you’ve been given a mandate
Which if you ignore
You’ll just be like a bait that fishes hate;
These things you have are for an appointed time
That is set for you to shine.
A crab has six legs but can’t walk fast
But a kangaroo with just two legs will hop past.
This is similar to the life of a multi-talented man who doesn’t know what to come of his talents despite being fully aware of it and a single or double talented man that really knows what he is doing with his talent(s)and is affecting his generation positively with it.
Listen to this, an absolute COMMITMENT to your ASSIGNMENT will make the world COMMENT on your CONDIMENT to refuse every CONTENTMENT that will disobey God’s TESTAMENT for your life.
The mandate you are given is not an option to be considered,
But a command that’s been ordered;
If only you lift your voice aloud
And stan out of the crowd;
The whole world will be astonished
While you’re distinguished.
God’s people! The only way a man can meet his date is when he carries out the mandate that is set out for him.


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