Seeing the first light of a candle is interesting and it pleases the eyes. You get accustomed to it until it melts away totally, then its suddenly dark every where, and you start panicking. This is the life of a lust youth.
However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all. Be happy! Young man while you are young and let your heart produce joy in the days of your youth.
Be cheerful and enjoy life when you are young, do what you want and find pleasure in what you do, but, don’t forget that the Creator will judge whatever you do.
Rid yourself of all the worry and pain,
And forget about the stain;
Cos the wonderful moments of a youth quickly disappears
And the precarious times of adulthood soon appears.
Listen, a good reputation at death
Is better than loving care at birth;
As a youth you should Yield Output & Utility
To Humanity
The depth of you desire depends on the swiftness or your progress
This can either lead to failure, stagnation or success;
If one could reach one,
Then one could teach one;
You should know that life sentences a lazy bone to penury
That it can feel like the only starship of the century;
So, whatever your hands finds to do, don’t sway it to negligence,
Just do everything with diligence;
Cos a diligent man will not stand before mere men, but before kings. Your life as a youth should praise your creator, because when you bless God, God dresses you and men address you.
Hey! Don’t waste time because there’s no time to waste time.


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