Living On Virtual Emotions…..

Love is life
Love can lead to strife
Love is very strong
And to some it can be wrong
At times, they say “I love you because I need you”
Sometimes they say”I need you cos I love you”
Which would you choose?
Well, I would say love isn’t finding the perfect person
Its seeing the imperfect person perfectly.
To whom you love, you give your heart,
Instead of making your heart a hearth;
Listen, love has existed before you,
And surely will it after you;
Have this at the back of your mind that “love is divine’
And love is mine”;
All love will do is bring gain,
Only when you’re willing to go through th pain;
Love is patient, caring……love is kind
Love is felt most when its genuine.
Love is worth dying for,
Even if its to the extent of a lion’s fur
Love is an act of faith……you have little faith, you have little love.
Love may have existed as a burden that you can’t bare,
Also as a sorrow that you can’t share.
Most of the times, we all fall in love, while we for get the remaining two things that are involved which are standing in love and growing in that same love.
Listen to this, love won’t do bad,
Even when you are feeling sad;
When all things hold their wings freight,
Love can be your perfect delight;
But, the only way you can be loved
Is only when you love.


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