If there’s something you have in you that you can’t see,
As time goes by, it’ll flee like a fish in the sea;
You have a thing or two that you have been called for
That if you don’t give attention to will be “un-called for”.
You are a man and there is a date
That’s why you’ve been given a mandate
Which if you ignore
You’ll just be like a bait that fishes hate;
These things you have are for an appointed time
That is set for you to shine.
A crab has six legs but can’t walk fast
But a kangaroo with just two legs will hop past.
This is similar to the life of a multi-talented man who doesn’t know what to come of his talents despite being fully aware of it and a single or double talented man that really knows what he is doing with his talent(s)and is affecting his generation positively with it.
Listen to this, an absolute COMMITMENT to your ASSIGNMENT will make the world COMMENT on your CONDIMENT to refuse every CONTENTMENT that will disobey God’s TESTAMENT for your life.
The mandate you are given is not an option to be considered,
But a command that’s been ordered;
If only you lift your voice aloud
And stan out of the crowd;
The whole world will be astonished
While you’re distinguished.
God’s people! The only way a man can meet his date is when he carries out the mandate that is set out for him.


Living On Virtual Emotions…..

Love is life
Love can lead to strife
Love is very strong
And to some it can be wrong
At times, they say “I love you because I need you”
Sometimes they say”I need you cos I love you”
Which would you choose?
Well, I would say love isn’t finding the perfect person
Its seeing the imperfect person perfectly.
To whom you love, you give your heart,
Instead of making your heart a hearth;
Listen, love has existed before you,
And surely will it after you;
Have this at the back of your mind that “love is divine’
And love is mine”;
All love will do is bring gain,
Only when you’re willing to go through th pain;
Love is patient, caring……love is kind
Love is felt most when its genuine.
Love is worth dying for,
Even if its to the extent of a lion’s fur
Love is an act of faith……you have little faith, you have little love.
Love may have existed as a burden that you can’t bare,
Also as a sorrow that you can’t share.
Most of the times, we all fall in love, while we for get the remaining two things that are involved which are standing in love and growing in that same love.
Listen to this, love won’t do bad,
Even when you are feeling sad;
When all things hold their wings freight,
Love can be your perfect delight;
But, the only way you can be loved
Is only when you love.


Seeing the first light of a candle is interesting and it pleases the eyes. You get accustomed to it until it melts away totally, then its suddenly dark every where, and you start panicking. This is the life of a lust youth.
However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all. Be happy! Young man while you are young and let your heart produce joy in the days of your youth.
Be cheerful and enjoy life when you are young, do what you want and find pleasure in what you do, but, don’t forget that the Creator will judge whatever you do.
Rid yourself of all the worry and pain,
And forget about the stain;
Cos the wonderful moments of a youth quickly disappears
And the precarious times of adulthood soon appears.
Listen, a good reputation at death
Is better than loving care at birth;
As a youth you should Yield Output & Utility
To Humanity
The depth of you desire depends on the swiftness or your progress
This can either lead to failure, stagnation or success;
If one could reach one,
Then one could teach one;
You should know that life sentences a lazy bone to penury
That it can feel like the only starship of the century;
So, whatever your hands finds to do, don’t sway it to negligence,
Just do everything with diligence;
Cos a diligent man will not stand before mere men, but before kings. Your life as a youth should praise your creator, because when you bless God, God dresses you and men address you.
Hey! Don’t waste time because there’s no time to waste time.


Like a lump in her womb
Was my seed in her tube;
Washing her skin into mottled pigment of a cube
Invoking amidst her being a strange feud.
As the odd presence of a teetotaller in a pub,
Her feet clogged with the weight of beach sands,
Swinging her feet to unfair balance;
Her mouth wane,
Like murky streams holes
Cut out in cones;
Insipid like the savour of metal bones.
Her words in blurry mine
Sticky as repitilian shine;
My birth, an awaited grace,
Shutting her face
In the theatre of bizarre fate,
So I won’t lose my race.
Clocks ticks slowly,
Moments drag excessively
The pangs of death shrill loudly;
Darkness crest her shoulders,
Weakness she shuddered
Her eyes flapping like papery shutters.
A form within trouble for the world to see.
In a minute, the ethreal world she sojourned,
The energy of bliss in tears she summoned;
In her head were sparks of devastating lightning,
Submerging her world in ferocious imageries.
As I tore through her tissues,
Into the intreating hands in queue;
Yet, her silver-cord
Launched forth my umbilical cord;
Like letting a rope to a kite to roar.
Her life against death’s stake
To hold my fragile frame
All just stood in awry gaze
As in the world I took my place
Of her pains to have me stay
She never complained.
But, a smile and a kiss for all the agony in wait.
So, this convener of my frame
Is the most famous of all being of fame;
For my soul on the sands of time, she compelled to stay.
My mother is the best in the world, cause she went through all these for me and made me what I am today. God bless my mother and that’s why she’s so SWEET…..


Life……oh life!

Life is rich in its own blessings,Each part of life has its own products to be harvested in its own morsel of growth.

Life is about the ‘goods’ and the ‘bads’,

Life is about being happy or sad;

Life is about ‘ups’ & ‘downs’,

Life can make you a clown.

See, this life that you are living is borrowed

This shows that you are not promised of tomorrow;

“This life I’ve come to live is not mine

So, its my time to shine”;

Life is not a bed of roses,

Remember what happened to Moses;

Some elder people will say “I do not enjoy life anymore.” Ask them how they spent their lives when hey were some years younger. Some other elders will say they enjoy their lives, ask them the same question. The problem here is that the first set of elders are well aware of the challenges of this same life, but they are afraid to face it.

When times are bad, they will say things are not right,

When times are good tell them “don’t lose sight”;

Cos when times are good, they stay to enjoy,

Then when times are bad, why can’t they endure?

Well, one thing I have to say is that the best and easiest way o enjoy life is to spend it in

a wa that will outlast it.




Life is about the ‘ups’ and ‘down’